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It’s a Complex World Out There.  Especially when you’re still learning to tie your own shoes.

Little Galoshes Even for adults, the world can be a pretty complicated place. All the more reason to marvel then at the remarkably agile ways in which children learn, reason, and discover the world around them – even before they’ve quite got that whole shoe thing sorted out. They may need help with some of life’s practicalities, but when it comes to fearlessly figuring things out and eagerly delving into entirely new concepts, kids could teach us a thing or two.

In the course of doing my research however, I’ve found that it’s quite hard for all of this useful information to make its way out of the research lab and into the hands of parents and teachers. Though there’s certainly no shortage of “pop” child psychology, when it comes to the true state-of-the-art in our scientific understanding of childhood learning and development, credible resources are sorely lacking. The purpose of this website is to bridge that gap, and to provide a forum where psychologists, parents, and teachers alike can help to enrich one another’s understanding of the science of being a kid.

Obviously this is a new endeavor, and I warmly welcome your comments, input, and suggestions. There are lots of ways for you to get involved:

  • You can send me (or Felix, for that matter) an email using this Contact page.
  • You can comment directly on articles on this site using the "Comments" link at the bottom of the page.
  • Post your thoughts on the Hello Felix discussion forum (Coming Soon!).

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Thanks for reading - I certainly hope you enjoy the site. Please do take some time to discover what's here, and again, I'd be delighted to hear from you with your comments and suggestions.


Meet Derek

Hello Felix is produced by Dr. Derek Lyons, a cognitive psychologist with expertise in childhood development and learning.