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KarunaTree at the DIgital Media & Learning Competition

Derek's new environmental education project, KarunaTree, is competing in the MacArthur Foundation's Digital Media and Learning Competition!

Update: The public comment period has now closed, but you can still read more about KarunaTree on the project blog, or find out about the DML competition at the official site. Look for more updates in March!

Research Notes

Dinosaurs, Turtles, and Overimitation

When do children have a harder time solving simple puzzles than chimps? In a study recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Yale developmental psychologists Derek Lyons, Andrew Young, and Frank Keil give a surprising answer to this question.

Children’s powerful ability to imitate – a form of learning that serves them well in so many situations – can actually lead to confusion when they see an adult doing something in a disorganized or inefficient way. For example, when kids see an adult opening a puzzle in an unskillful, roundabout way, they are highly prone to overimitating that inefficient strategy – even copying irrelevant actions that chimpanzees know to ignore! You can find out more about overimitation right here, and discover why it's the kids who may ultimately have the last laugh. More...


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